Estelle Pannier #4

Final-year student preparing a diploma of applied arts in sustainable and eco-friendly design at the Higher School of Design Raymond Loewy, in La Souterraine.

What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?

It was a very enriching experience. First, it taught me a lot about working as a team with my partner. We combined our respective skills and complemented each other very well, both when we were developing the concept and when we were turning that concept into what became our project, TACT. We also invested some of the time we had to meet visually impaired people and their educators. It seemed important to us to get to know the target users of our project. Our approach had a very positive impact on our understanding of their situation and allowed us to assess their specific needs. It increased our motivation to design a tool that would truly cater to those needs! I also am very thankful for all the meetings we had with the Orange designers, who advised us, challenged us and guided us, so all of our ideas could reach their full potential. An outside eye from someone who knows design is a great help to make sure your project remains coherent and feasible. And of course, I won’t forget about the prize either, which has obviously made it much easier for me to go abroad for a three-month design internship.

What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?

I think the Orange Jeunes Designers competition is a good way to open new possibilities to solve current social and/or societal challenges. With a very broad theme, the competition pushes us to select creative paths that lead us to apply ourselves and really question our future. The theme we were given, “the network”, was a very inspiring one, and a concept that we are confronted with everyday. Designing new ways to give it our own interpretation was a real challenge! And if the competition is meant for design students and recent design graduates, it is precisely because a fresh set of eyes can shed light on this changing world we live in and bring deeper understanding. All participants have the opportunity to share their own personal, forward-looking perspectives. This is what makes this competition so enriching: having a diversity of solutions that all developed from the same topic. For that reason, the award ceremony was very interesting to me; it was a chance for me to discover all of those solutions!