Mathieu Delacroix #3

Fifth-year student at the Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design, preparing a Master’s in design

What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?

The Orange Jeunes Designers competition is the first one I ever entered as a student of the Saint-Étienne Higher school of Art and Design. Charles Haumont and I were thrilled to have a chance to develop our project with the support of the Orange team, who worked very closely with us in every step of the competition. The whole experience taught us so much in terms of work method. The relevance of the themes selected by Orange is also an important factor to engage the participants and provide them with the drive they need. I think Orange is right to give participants a new theme to work on each year, coming up with digital-oriented challenges that young designers-in-training rarely get a chance to put their minds to. It’s a great way to broaden your perspective, to take an even more creative stand. It’s a real challenge to tackle and it is very stimulating! As the winner of the competition, it also brought me some interesting visibility. It was the first time one of my projects was being shown to the public. During the award ceremony, Charles and I gave a lot of interviews, which was a first for me. I remember we got published on, in Intramuros magazine, etc. Those also brought visibility to the school. And the award we received that night gave our work validation and meaning. We felt recognized. Even more so considering the jury includes design experts from Orange, but also professionals who are renowned in their fields. This recognition from design professionals also allowed me to feel more self-confident in my work.

What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?

It is a competition that stands out among others, if only by the focus on telecommunications in every theme. When I decided to enter the competition, the theme was cloud storage, which gave us the opportunity to push as far as we wanted into the realm of possibility. And as a designer, that’s very exciting. What I particularly appreciated was the way the students were monitored by the Orange team throughout the duration of the competition and the bonds that we developed with each other. I also remember the award ceremony, which was amazing. Now, it’s a great memory and I still follow each new competition with the same interest.