Simon Lauwerier #2

Designer for Cogniance, in Munich, Germany

What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?

This competition gave me the chance to work on challenges that every company is facing nowadays. What will innovation look like in the future? Who will be tomorrow’s innovators and who will they interact with? To me, this competition was an opportunity to escape from the academic routine and open myself up to new design horizons. From a personal point of view, the project awakened my passion for analysing how people interact with each other and thinking how design can influence that. The competition also opened doors for me, which have undoubtedly helped me find my current job. I now work as a designer in the field of innovation, at Cogniance in Munich, and UX (user experience) design is fundamental in the research we do.

What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?

What makes this competition unique is the close relationship we develop with the people of Orange, who were there for us throughout the entire creative process and provided us with great insight and advice on our ideas. It’s also the opportunity to see what solutions students from different European design schools come up with when facing the same challenge.