Szu-Wen Wang #2

Designer industriel pour le studio de design intérieur Mark Lintott Design à Taipei (Taiwan)

What did this Orange challenge bring you?

It was great opportunity to join the challenge. I gained a lot from the chances to communicate with Orange. The brief we got in 2013 asked us to hand in both product and scenario video. I think this is the most benefit part for me. It opened up my ability in scenario creation and found out that I am actually good at story telling around an object and love it. It also brought me the chance to visit Paris and meet other creative designers.

What the Young Designers Orange Challenge means to you?

The award means a lot to me. It approved my ability in design thinking and the following developments. I like the tiny insight I got from the challenge. The question Orange brought out made me to rethink some simple nouns such as ‘home’ and ‘communication’, which can be defined very differently based on distinct contexts. It was not a perfect finished project but it did bring out something fun in mundane.